Bret Burchard

The son of a college basketball coach, Bret was born on the first day of his dad's summer basketball camp. Little did anyone know the significance of that coincidence would foreshadow the rest of Bret's life.

Burchard was raised in the gym, attending basketball camps at the age of five and serving as a camp counselor as soon as he was too old to attend. He played basketball at Hickman High School in Columbia, Mo., the largest public high school in the state. Priding himself in versatility, the 6-3 Burchard played all five positions before graduating.

After his senior year in high school, Burchard took to the basketball capital of the world, Indiana, where he played at Taylor University. During a four-year career at Taylor, Burchard was a part of three 20-win teams, two conference championships and two national tournament appearances, including a sweet sixteen finish.

The life lessons students learn in the B3Development program are inspired by the tuteledge of hall of fame coach Paul Patterson, who Burchard played for at Taylor and worked under as an assistant coach for two years following graduation.

With a master's degree in Sports Management, Burchard moved west to Phoenix, Ariz., to work for the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury of the NBA and WNBA, respectively. Observing basketball's most gifted, talented and dedicated athletes and noting the teaching techniques of coaches at the highest level, Burchard expanded his repertoire of drills and teaching points and learned what separates the average players from the best.

The stint in the sports entertainment industry also refined Burchard's performance techniques within B3Spinning.

A student of the game, Burchard never misses an opportunity to learn from the best basketball minds in the game, collecting teaching tips from the top high school, college and professional coaches in the country, and is always willing to share tricks of the trade that he has learned along the way.