Improve even the finest details of your game with B3Development. Individualized training on the specific elements of basketball you need most, B3Development evaluates players individually and tailors instruction and workouts specific to your needs. No, spinning a basketball may not help you win a game, but influenced by some of the best coaches across the country, Bret tackles the details of shooting, dribbling, footwork, defense and much more.

Shooting - basic form, jump shot, off the dribble, on the move and catch, footwork
Ball Handling - open court, half court, in traffic, break down a defender, as it relates to shooting
Guard Play - see the floor, escape a trap, use a ball screen, break a press, one-on-one moves, footwork
Post Play - score on the block, positioning and footwork, get open, rebound, read a ball screen
Defense - on the ball, off the ball, in the post, full court, half court
And More!

Bret's Resume